Traffic and Auto Safety for Kids: What to Know

Traffic and auto safety for kids is a growing concern. With more parents working and leaving kids to get to school on their own, it’s important to teach them the safety rules much earlier. Long before a kid learns to drive, he or she needs to be taught about what cars must do when they reach a stop sign, hear sirens and see a bus.

Many drivers don’t know the rules of the road, so it’s hard to expect kids to know them, either. For example, when a bus stops, traffic in the opposite direction must stop as well – unless the median is wider than 5 feet. Too many accidents have been caused because of this very simple rule being violated.

When a child has to cross the road after getting off a school bus, dangers exist. Not all areas have crossing guards.¬†Traffic and auto safety for kids¬†involves telling kids what they should and shouldn’t do in certain situations. If a child has to cross an intersection, they need to do so knowing that the traffic in the other direction may not stop.

One of the safest ways for kids to get to school is by school bus. They will be in the hands of a school bus driver as opposed to fending for themselves by foot or by bicycle or scooter. The next safest way is by walking with the help of crossing guards.

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